Two-fisted investigations!

A continuance, a new threat

The party, heading off to the golden crucible chaper house was met on the streets by none other than the betraying liutenant’s second in command, armed brutes in tow. He offered to escort the purloined goods and our heroes to the Thamarite mole, unaware that the deception had been revealed. The spell slinging elf took no chances, mystically transforming the second’s head into a fine vapor hole the remaining thugs were dispatched in short order.
Knowing that a subtler hand was needed, what with the infiltrators turning the Corvis watch against our miscreants. After delivering the corrupted necromekanical cortex to the golden crucible for safekeeping, the Captain suggested adding another hand to the roster.
A series of thuds greeted the elf spy, after gathering a subtle knife, she cracked the door to her tenement, only to find smiles as inviting as a case of the flux in our less than reputable heroes, she slammed the door with all the speed possible, only to hear a wetter thudding a beat later. Knowing that this could go on interminably, the infiltrator opened her dor once more, only to have an ogrun head presented to her. After demanding promises of riches, namely from an expensive bounty on the now headless ogrun which could only be collected if our heroe’s names were cleared a second elf joined up, gold on the horizon compelling one and all.
In an attempt to learn of the origins of this dastardly Thamarite plot, the group gained second story access to the Corvis watch tower where he was stationed. Unfortunately the assassin’s steps weren’t as light as they needed to be, town watchmen ascended stairs to investigate the unexpected noise from a document and evidence room, only to have his head caved in by the pommel of an elven blade. The spy showed her sorcereous heritage by commanding the very winds themselves to shred a second guardsman, both good men with families.
After rifling through the imposter’s personal effects, our sleuths divined a possible location, eager to gain their ‘good’ names back the party hastened to the.. Warehouse district!
Find the building in question, our shining examples broke and entered once again. Finding various alchemical items, and strange, painted corpses in a main room, the group stealthily opened a second door, into a second smaller room, finding the lieutenant scribbling over a series of missives, the group confronted him, only to be met by magic, threats, and monologuing.
Throwing all but the washbasin at the evil mastermind, our idols barely noticed the dead rising, preparing to ambush them with leaden arms. After a nearly deadly clash, the party found that the Thamarite had escaped in the confusion, so they gathered what evidence and coin they could, bringing it to the authorities. Explaining that all the evening’s chaos could be laid at a Thamarite infiltration, including the tragic deaths of two on duty officers, our investigators received a generous, if suspect pardon and reward. The rifleman announced that he felt he could do more good in the Corvis watch, so relievedly, he parted ways with the elves and the Ordic ‘captain’


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